Notes on a Nervous Planet is out today

Notes on a Nervous Planet is out in paperback today!

Here’s some of the lovely reviews:

“Witty, honest and engaging . . . A worthy successor to Reasons to Stay Alive” (Sunday Times)

“An honest and human guide to coping with the modern world . . . Notes on a Nervous Planet is generous, sensible and timely. Reading it will probably be good for your mental health. Especially if you leave your smartphone in another room . . . Thought-provoking” (Guardian)

“Thought-provoking . . . [Haig’s] hard-won wisdom asks us to think about how we can live in the present – and in so doing, he creates a wonderfully perceptive chronicle of life in the always-on social media age. A real-world guide to mindfulness” (Observer)

“Beautiful, honest and wise” (FEARNE COTTON)

Notes on a Nervous Planet is a fascinating look at the link between anxiety and the world we live in . . . [Haig is] one of our warmest, wittiest and wisest writers” (Mail on Sunday)

“Genius” (RUBY WAX)

“Haig’s bestseller Reasons to Stay Alive was an engaging self-help memoir which mined personal trauma for valuable life lessons. This follow-up is a rag-bag of personal experience, thoughts and feelings . . . some thought-provoking, some pertinent and important . . . He’s a smart operator who knows his readership and genuinely wants to help them . . . I reached the last page admiring the author’s inventive energy and insight” (Bel Mooney Daily Mail)

“Take Notes on a Nervous Planet twice daily, with or without food. The book is crammed with wisdom, insight, love and wit” (STEPHEN FRY)

“Haig tackles everything from internet anxieties, phone fears to life overload, putting the chaos into beautiful words” (Sunday Post)

“A primer for how to live in the present moment. This book will find grateful readers everywhere” (NIGELLA LAWSON)