How To Be A Writer

Here’s a video I made. It’s a slightly tragic insight into the life of a self-absorbed writer.  


  1. –Absolutely, bloody Hilarious!
    Damn, I love this!

  2. I would love to write, a novel.
    Iv been thinking of it for years, but have only writen (Bad) poetry. I m in my 50s is it too late to start?
    Have you any tips? to getting started


  3. Google brought me to read about book snobs, but I left knowing how to be a writer and that I could buy a book called Poo Bum.

    What more could a website offer?

  4. Funny film….I will follow all the advice to the letter…..meanwhile The Humans was the best thing I’ve read in a very long time….let’s see…maybe since the publication of Breakfast for Champions?

  5. Hi Matt – I work for English PEN and organise workshops for prisoners all over the UK sending in writers and their books. HMP wandsworth asked PEN if you were free to do a PEN visit to a group of prisoners;this would involve a reading and Q&A and is London based. PEN would pay you a fee for the day and cover all travel expenses. Let me know your thoughts on this…

  6. Love that video. Completely agree and I do many of those things already as a non-writer (although I blog quite a bit). As Nietzsche once said: “The best writer will be the one who is ashamed of becoming a writer.”

    Keep up the good work!

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  9. A work of such immense insight that I don’t need trousers any more. Bravo!

  10. Anne-Marie Freeman says:

    The Humans. Epic. This film. Hilarious. Thank you, Matt Haig.

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