Richard and Judy bookclub pick


How To Stop Time has been chosen for the new Richard and Judy book club alongside some amazing titles.


How to Stop Time won Books Are My Bag Award!


How To Stop Time WON the Books Are My Bag Readers Awards in the popular fiction category! Thank you so much to everyone who voted.


How To Stop Time is shortlisted for a Books Are My Bag Readers Awards


  How To Stop Time is up for a Books Are My Bag Readers Awards in the popular fiction category. Please do vote here.


Anthony McCarten is writing How to Stop Time screenplay

Anthony McCarten, the screenwriter of The Theory of Everything, is writing the screenplay for How To Stop Time. More info here.


How to Stop Time is a Sunday Times bestseller


How to Stop Time is out in the UK now. Here are some of the reviews:

“Matt Haig has an empathy for the human condition, the light and the dark of it, and he uses the full palette to build his excellent stories” (NEIL GAIMAN)

“Haig writes exquisitely from the perspective of the heart-sore outsider, but at their most moving his novels reveal the unbearable beauty of ordinary life” (Guardian)

How to Stop Time is a beautiful, and necessary book. I feel very lucky to have read it. It is magical, intriguing and at times, very sad. A triumph” (MARIAN KEYES)

“Full of Haig’s trademark humour and humanity. It is a wonderfully entertaining ride through centuries of adventure with a gloriously heart-warming message. A must read” (Sunday Mirror)

“My favourite book of this year, and most others. A dazzling read. Time stopped still” (DANNY WALLACE)

“Matt Haig is a writer for children and adults who is adept at digging into the human heart” (Sunday Times)

“Compelling and full of life’s big questions, How to Stop Time is a book you will not be able to put down” (GRAEME SIMSION, author of THE ROSIE PROJECT)

“An ambitious plot is deftly handled in this exquisitely written novel. A joy! *****” (Heat Magazine)

“Matt Haig is astounding” (STEPHEN FRY)

“The narrator is 400 years old, but the sardonic asides give this pacy novel a modern twist. Matt Haig has designs on our heartstrings . . . The energy and zip of this book are hard to resist” (Hermione Eyre Guardian)

“Halt everything to read Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time . . . A tale that makes you fall in love with reading all over again *****” (The Sun)

“Outlandish . . . heartwarming, perceptive prose” (Anita Sethi Daily Telegraph)

“Engrossing . . . A book to relish” (Metro)

“Strange and brilliant and heartfelt” (JENNY COLGAN)

“An imaginative, ambitious novel by an author with an infectious passion for history and the human condition” (Sunday Express)

“Matt Haig uses words like a tin-opener. We are the tin” (JEANETTE WINTERSON)

“A moving tale of regret and redemption” (Psychologies)

“It’s not easy to write a book that’s simultaneously fun and serious and gripping and simple and profound, but Matt Haig manages it again and again. How to Stop Time is just brilliant” (GAVIN EXTENCE, author of THE UNIVERSE VERUS ALEX WOODS)

“A refreshing exploration of how to make peace with one’s past selves” (The Herald)

“Goodness. What a stunning book. Brilliant, beautiful and mindbendingly magnificent” (JILL MANSELL)

“A tender, affecting novel about Tom Hazard, who’s lived for 400 years. He’s got it all under control as long as he doesn’t fall in love. Guess what happens next?” (Red, 2017’s best summer reads)

“Inventive, exciting, moving and bursting with insight about history, time and what it is to be human” (KATE WILLIAMS, author of THE PLEASURES OF MEN)