A Mission Statement

I think it is unfair that only companies and corporate entities get to have a mission statement. I think writers and artists and other creatives should have them too. I think it is good to have a mission. Jesus had a mission. James Bond has had tons. Missions are good.

Here is my mission:

– I want to write books that cannot be put in a box and easily classified. I want to write books that place as much value on feeling as thought. I want to prove intelligence does not need to be compromised in order to entertain. I want to be a storyteller – one who believes in beginnings, middles and endings. I want to provoke physical responses – laughter, tears, heart palpitations. I want to take people to another world in order for them to see the one they live in with new eyes. I want my books to come up with new truths so obvious they sound like cliches. I want to fill my books with love and hope and possibility. I want to ignore the rules that say you can’t have happy endings or cliches or adverbs or jokes (if it is good enough for life it is good enough for a book). I want to be a tour guide of the imagination.